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Insurance Brokerage Frequently Asked Questions of Insurance Brokerage America

Contracting & Commissions

Where can I get contracts?

If you are not already contracted with our carriers, you may print the online contract from this website or call our life product specialist for assistance.  If you are contracting a down-line agent, simply print an online contract and have the agent complete it.  You may forward the completed contract to our office or directly to the insurance company.  When appointing a down-line agent, make sure your agent code is clearly marked and all necessary forms are signed by you. If you have any questions about contracting or licensing, please call our licensing department. **Remember, all contracts MUST have current copies of licenses in the state(s) you wish to be appointed.  

How do I get my commissions annualized?

Most companies offer annualization to qualifying agents.  If you are contracting with a company for the first time, complete an annualization agreement along with your contract.  If you are already contracted with a company and would like to obtain annualization, please contact our office.  


Can I have my commissions direct deposited into my account?

Download and complete the direct deposit form for the company.  Please forward the completed form to the insurance company.  

Insurance Brokerage Direct Commission Deposit Forms

American General

Assurity Life
Genworth Financial companies (online form)
North American 
Transamerica Family Markets
West Coast

What companies require E&O coverage?

Some companies do require E&O coverage in order to be appointed.  Click here for detailed information regarding your company.  

How do I get E&O coverage?

E&O coverage is offered through most carriers requiring the coverage.  Click here for details on how to get E&O coverage.

How are commissions paid by each company?

  Commissions Paid On:   Direct Deposit  
American General   Paid on Wednesdays on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Go to for a detailed commissions calendar.   Is Available
Paid every Tuesday
Assurity Life   Paid on 15th and last day of the month   Is Available
Deposited into account within 24 hours of the commission processing cycle.
Aviva   Paper Checks are mailed on Mondays.   Is Available
Direct Deposit is paid on Tuesdays.
Genworth Financial companies   Paper checks are mailed out every other Thursday.   Is Available
Sign up on
Direct Deposit pays daily.
North American   Commission checks are mailed every Monday and the day after the last day of the month.   Is Available
Paid every Tuesday and 2 days after the end of the month.
Transamerica Family Markets   As-earned Commissions - paid last working day of the month
Annualized Commissions - paid daily
  Is Available
Paid Daily if annualized
Paid last working day of the month if not annualized
West Coast   Commissions are paid weekly on Tuesdays.    Direct Deposit REQUIRED 

General Life Insurance Questions

Why should I purchase more insurance?

Since many companies offer group insurance to their employees for free, it’s easy to assume having this kind of coverage is enough. Unfortunately, most people who already have some type of insurance are underinsured. And if you only have group insurance, if you ever leave your company, your insurance protection does not go with you.  Make sure you understand how much coverage you actually need by answering the questions on page three and totaling the expenses. If the group insurance you already have does not cover this need, you should consider purchasing an additional life policy.  “Today, insured adults are more likely to have only group life insurance obtained at work. Adults with only group coverage carry the smallest amounts of life insurance.” LIMRA 2007

Do I really need life insurance?

If any of the following situations apply to you, you need life insurance:

• Are you married?

• Do you have children or are you expecting to?

• Do you financially support an elderly parent or have debt and/or a mortgage?

The loss of a loved one is hard enough emotionally without having it compounded by financial worries from the loss of an income. Life insurance can help your loved ones meet important financial needs beyond funeral costs including daily living expenses, medical bills, mortgage payments and college tuition.  The easiest way to approach life insurance is with a basic approach – term life insurance.

How much life coverage do I need?

Everyone’s situation is different. When determining your own needs consider this:

Besides the daily living expenses your dependents will need, you also have to take into account funeral costs, lawyer fees, taxes and other miscellaneous debts that may arise due to an untimely passing of a loved one. The average life insurance coverage needed is $459,000 but the average amount owned is only $126,000.

“22% of families with dependent children admit, if their primary wage earner passes away, they will have immediate trouble meeting everyday living expenses and another 26% will only be able to cover expenses a few months.”* ( LIMRA 2007).

An easiest way to approach life insurance needs is with this basic approach –

Outstanding Debt/ Expenses

1) How much would it cost to pay off your mortgage and other debts?

$____________ (Mortgage)

$____________ (Car Payments)

$____________ (Credit Card Debt)

$____________ (Outstanding Loans)

$____________ (Other)

Sub Total $_____________

2) How much would your loved ones need in order to afford ongoing and future financial needs like daycare or college costs?

$____________ (Daycare)

$____________ (Tuition)

$ ____________(Room and Board)

$____________ (Other)

Sub Total $_____________

Funeral Expenses

3) Funeral

$____________Funeral/Memorial Expenses

$____________Legal Fees


Sub Total $_____________


4) If you were gone tomorrow, how much money

would your family need to replace your income

and for how long?

$____________ (Annual Salary)

How many years? _____

Multiply the number of years with your annual salary:

Sub Total $_____________

Add up your four subtotals for a total expense:

Total Expenses $ _______________

This total should represent how much of a death benefit you will need when you consider purchasing a policy.


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A Tale Of Two Agents

Captive Agent

An agent working exclusively for a single firm. He or she is obliged to submit business only to that firm, or at least give that firm first rights of refusal on the case.

Captive agents that are non-established are usually paid on a combination of salary and commissions earned from selling the policy contract. Also, the firm usually provides its captive agents with an allowance for office expenses as well as employee benefits such as pensions, life insurance, and health insurance. 

The established captive agent is usually paid exclusively on a commission basis.  This type of agent will tend to have more in-depth knowledge of that firm's policies, however, he or she will hardly ever be equipped to offer the industries' best price on any particular product offering.

Independent Agent Broker

Simply said, independent agents are appointed to sell policies from many insurers. The agent is independent from all insurers thus, the independent brokerage agent's responsibility is solely focused on evaluating the client's needs and the pricing of the product chosen.

While searching for the brokerage market's best place for a client's business, independent agents pay all their own expenses and keep their own records and earn their income from brokerage commissions on the policies they sell.


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